Businesses often hire Virtual Assistants because they don’t need full-time workers.  This option saves them money on office space and equipment, staff salaries and benefit payments and other overheads associated with employees.

A Virtual Assistant is not a temp or a part-time employee – they are self-employed professionals who deal with their own taxes, expenses, office supplies and equipment.

Because Complete Business Bureau’s virtual services are tailored to your exact needs, our rates are also packaged to match.  Following an initial free of charge consultation to ascertain your requirements, you will only ever pay for what you use, when you need it.  No employer overheads; no paid holidays or sick leave, and no payroll or employer taxes to worry about.  Services can be provided ad-hoc, for specific projects, or on a regular weekly, monthly or even quarterly basis.

With services starting from as little as £30, options are available for all budgets.  Discounted packages are available for regular support, and to fulfil larger projects. 

Submit your details via the Contact page to arrange your complimentary consultation.

CBB cost effective rates