You can hire a Virtual Assistant as an alternative to employing staff in-house. Using a virtual, freelance service means there is no need to provide expensive office space or equipment, nor any of the usual overheads associated with employees.

Our VAs are self-employed professionals who deal with their own taxes, expenses and equipment.

Because Complete Business Bureau’s services are tailored to your exact needs, our rates are also packaged to match.

As a virtual service, you will only ever pay for what you use, when you need it.  None of the employer costs of holiday pay or sick leave, no payroll or employee taxes to worry about. 

Services are often provided on a regular retained basis and we become an extended part of your team. We also work on specific short-term projects and you can get the exact support you need from as little as £30.

Why not submit your details via the Contact [*h/link to Contact page] to arrange a confidential chat about your requirements – you have nothing to lose!

CBB cost effective rates