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I'm Louise Crane, the founder of Complete Business Bureau.

I launched CBB in 2014 with 20 years-worth of corporate experience in senior admin, sales and account management, backed up with a degree in business and finance and bookkeeping qualifications (take a look at my LinkedIn profile here for more detailed credentials).

I knew my skillset could really make a difference to smaller businesses looking for cost effective tools and resources to help grow and develop their own exciting ventures (without having to do it all themselves). 

As a virtual assistant (VA) business, I offer fully flexible support as and when you need it, freeing your time up to focus on what you do best - all without the necessary commitment and overheads of bringing expertise in-house. 

If you are relatively new to the VA concept, my blog 'Can a Virtual Assistant Help You Achieve Business Growth?' will give you an insight into working with a VA long with some useful tips to figure out what you could delegate. 

I specialise in finance and business development services, as well as offering a wider range of general admin. I also co-founded The VA Network in 2016, a joint venture to promote peer learning and collaboration within the VA industry, delivering forums and training sessions to share best practice with our membership community. I can tap into the expertise within the Network to bring in trusted associates to work on your larger projects, or to provide services falling outside my areas of expertise. This means I can provide a service which is exactly tailored to you. 

Let’s chat!

I would love to find out more about your business and discuss how we can help you reach and exceed your goals.

Drop me a line today to arrange your complimentary consultation.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you!